A Message From Fr. Paddy September 30, 2022

Good afternoon,

The weekly 40 Adoration program begins on Monday (October 3rd).  If you haven’t already done so, please sign up to for a holy hour.  We especially need committed adorers at these times:
    Monday 2pm-3pm
    Wednesday, 1-2pm and
    Wednesday, 2pm-3pm
Time spent with Jesus is certainly time well spent!  

This weekend begins the 9:00am Mass (formerly 9:30am).

The Gumbo Festival is fast approaching, and many volunteers will be needed for a variety of ways to help out.  If you could please contact Brian & Sylvia Finnila (228-623-9449) finzjeeping@gmail.com or (228) 623-9448 srfinnila@gmail.com to sign up to help with this huge fundraiser.

Enjoy your weekend, see you at mass.

Fr. Paddy

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