Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church serves and assists the local community in a variety of ways from delivering meals, bringing Holy Community, financial assistance, and just being there for someone in need. We have plenty of opportunities for our parishioners to make a difference and help someone in need.


All ages may assist our community.

Bereavement Ministry

Supports families as they grieve the loss of a loved one. Offering the family a “Repast” (a meal after the funeral) in our Parish Hall or delivering a meal to their home. We have seven teams to help provide comfort to the families of Most Holy Trinity.  The contact information will be received from the MHT office.

Please consider joining our ministry, Eileen


Eileen Chapoton
(228) 342-1480

Eucharist Special Needs

Assist with bringing Holy Communion to the parish homebound, ill, nursing home Catholics, or hospitalized parishioners on as as-needed basis. Conduct weekly prayer services at nursing homes in the area.


Barbara Griffith
(228) 341-4029

Homebound Ministry

Minister to those in the community who are temporarily or permanently confined to their homes due to age, illness, or disability. Provide meals and fellowship to these individuals on a regular basis.


Brenda Daussin
(228) 586-2639

Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary is an active lay ministry of faithful members of the worldwide Legion of Mary. Members bring communion to the sick, visit the ill and homebound, and gather every Thursday morning after Mass to discuss how to spread the Gospel and bring souls back to Christ. Active members commit to spending a minimum of 2 service hours per week. Auxiliary membership is available where the only requirement is to pray the Rosary and Tessera prayers on a daily basis. Everyone is welcome.


Ann Dennis
(423) 316-5538

9:00 am
St. Ann Classroom

Outreach – Financial

Assist those in need in the community with financial assistance for food, rent, electricity, water or other required expenses.


Matt Savrock
(228) 326-7707

Prayer Chain & Prayer List

Prayer Chain is a group of volunteers that start prayers for individuals in need immediately. When Bobbie or Shirley are notified of someone in need from an accident or illness, prayers are immediately sent out. The Prayer List is a list of individuals in need placed in the bulletin.



Other Opportunities to Serve at Most Holy Trinity