Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church serves and assists the local community in a variety of ways from delivering meals, bringing Holy Communion, financial assistance, and just being there for someone in need. We have plenty of opportunities for our parishioners to make a difference and help someone in need.


All ages may assist our community.

Altar Society

This ministry acts are caretakers of the church. Areas maintained are the altar area, vestibules of the church, and Eucharistic Chapel. Some of the responsibilities include changing candles, replenishing Holy Water, dusting and cleaning brass and other light duties. Care for altar linens by laundering and pressing the linens used during the liturgy.


Mary Street
(228) 255-1294


Assist in baptismal ceremonies with priest, providing and coordinating for necessary instruments, candles, garments to perform the baptism.


Tina Balentine
(228) 216-9008

Mandy Cuevas
(228) 234-3444


Wednesday night games which promote fellowship and serve as a fundraiser for the church. Volunteers are needed to conduct the games, operate concessions, set-up prior to the event and clean-up afterwards.


Mark Lafontaine
(228) 381-0976

Angie Roth
(504) 858-0001


Coordinate input and organize the weekly publication of our parish bulletin.


Audrey Ramirez
(228) 255-1641

Care of Pastor

House cleaning services, shopping, noon meal preparation, food, and other rectory assistance.


Parish Office
(228) 255-1294

Commentators & Lectors

Commentators welcome parishioners to Mass, ready the Prayers of the Faithful, announce the purpose of the collections, and make general announcements. The lector’s mission is to share the Word of God with the assembly after prayerfully reviewing the Scripture.


Cheryl Ladner
(228) 255-8286


Assist the family of the deceased with selection of Liturgy Readings, Gospel Reading, music requests, and planning in the order of Mass. Guidance is provided to family and friends regarding the funeral services while coordinating with the Funeral Home.


Groverine Jones
(228) 324-5659

Eucharistic Ministers

Assist with distribution of Holy Communion at Mass. Eucharistic Ministers have the special responsibility of helping the clergy to distribute the Body and Blood of Christ. Selection is by application and appointment. New Eucharistic Ministers are required to participate in the Diocesan training session as well as a Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church preparation session. New parishioners who have served as Eucharistic Ministers elsewhere need only participate in Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church preparation session.


Mary Beth Baker
(540) 219-2677


Classical Homeschooling of South Mississippi is a tuition-free, cooperative, Classical Hybrid School run as a Ministry at Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church. We currently serve students in five different age groups: Pre-K, Beginner readers (K – 2nd), Grammar stage (3rd – 5th grade), Logic stage (6th – 8th grade), Rhetoric stage (9th – 12th grade).


Classical Homeschooling of South MS
(601) 569-2763

Maintenance and Property Upkeep

Parishioners of the parish perform as much of the routine maintenance of the facilities as possible. Opportunities exist to help with weekly cleaning of the buildings, maintaining the electrical and sound system, and assisting with the landscaping including cutting the grass and weeding the flower beds. Any other special skills that may be of benefit are encouraged.


Parish Office
(228) 255-1294


The Newsletter is a weekly email publication that enhances the communication of items of interest to our parishioners. The weekly bulletin is the primary tool for publishing major parish activities, but due to space requirements, is limited in the amount of detail that can be provided. The Newsletter is available to provide more details. The Newsletter also provide information on scripture readings, upcoming meetings, parish ministries, or changes in schedule.


Dave Beebe
(228) 363-3629

Office Administration Volunteers

Assist the front office with daily church requirements such as answering phones, clerical duties, scheduling, and other administrative tasks.


Parish Office
(228) 255-1294

Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is a group of nine lay parishioners and the Pastor. They assist the Pastor and staff in fulfilling the mission of Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church. The Pastoral Council advises the Pastor on issues involved parish life and the parishioners at large. It is responsible to establish short and long-term pastoral plans to address the needs of the Parish. Membership is achieved by a periodic nomination and interview process. Members typically serve 3 year terms but may serve for additional terms based upon the needs of the Parish and the consensus of the Pastoral Council.


Brandi Bryant
(228) 697-4446


The sacristan, under the general direction of the priest, undertakes the overall preparation of liturgical celebrations. They prepare the gifts for the Eucharistic celebration and make ready the needed sacred vessels, Lectionary and Sacramentary books. Sacristans prepare the altar for the Eucharist liturgy, by positioning sacred items in their proper place.


Mary Street
(228) 255-5410

Bobby Moran
(504) 342-7194

Saint For A Day

If you would like to help the parish, on occasion, once in a while, or just now and then, perhaps “Saint For A Day” is just for you.  The way it works is: when help is needed, we call the first person on the list. If that’s you, you help if you’re available. We then move your name to the bottom of the list. If you’re not free, we call the next name on the list and we call you next time help is needed. Join up today and be a Saint For A Day

Terry Waltman
(228) 466-9951

Soup and Scripture

Participants study the various books of the Bible. They read from Holy Scripture, contemplate the Word of God, and have a group discussion concluding with prayer intentions. Sessions are conducted on a weekday morning and volunteers bring soup for after the meetings.


Bobby Moran
(228) 342-7194

Pat Ladner
(228) 342-7431


Users are important to make the assembly feel welcome. Opening doors with a warm smile and expressing words of welcome are a core part of this ministry. They assist with finding comfortable seating for parishioners, gather and carry up offertory gifts and provide for an orderly process to receive the Holy Eucharist. At the conclusion of Mass, ushers are available to hand out bulletins and offer pleasant farewell to the assembly.


Herman Page
(228) 255-7074

Other Service Opportunities

Many other parishioners provide services to our community which are too numerous to list and describe. Additional help is always welcomed. Opportunities include record keeping, financial services, weekly offering handling, prayer chains, fund raising activities, photography, shopping for office and building, publishing information about activities, soliciting ads, website management, wedding coordination, marriage preparation, Mass intention scheduling, vocations coordination, seniors assistance, ENWO women’s group, and food pantry services. Please contact the office to seek additional information or to volunteer.


Parish Office
(228) 255-1294

Other Opportunities to Serve at Most Holy Trinity