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9062 Kiln Delisle Rd.
Pass Christian, MS 39571

Event Venue Pricing

Wedding receptions and other large events

Current Active contributing MHT members

$1,000.00 Rental Fee ()
$ 500.00 refundable *Deposit/Damage Fee


Non Parishioners NO EXCEPTIONS

$2,000.00 Rental Fee ()
$ 500.00 refundable *Deposit/Damage Fee


*Failure to meet all rules, guidelines and responsibilities will result in loss of deposit.

Event Venue Policy and Procedures

We are your partner in arranging any type and scale of the event. We know the importance of high-quality and seamless event planning. We provide you with best-in-class event venue services according to your needs. Download the Parish Center Rental Policy & Procedures for MHT for more details on Policy, Procedures, and Usage.